Interview with Clubbingspain
Recently I did a short interview with Clubbingspain about the upcoming VC-118A album Inside on Delsin Records. Original interview published on 27.02.2019 here.


Where was the album produced and when was the album produced (tools, different locations, any collaborators)?

The process of making Inside took about two years in three different studio setups. The earliest sketches were made with a basic virtual analogue synthesizer, vintage drummachine, tape echo and computer as multitrack recorder.

What was the main goal when you start producing the album (any particular concept / subject you wanted to address)?

I usually do not set any goals when producing music but rather follow my ear and intuition on finding interesting sounds. I like when an experiment in the studio suddenly grows into a series of recordings, samples or a basic structure of a track. I love that moment when a sound accidently sets the direction of the track. With Inside I set out to explore themes of contrast, inversion and contradiction. Aquatic music that submerges and floats above and below the water surface. From the artwork, titles, colours – the album format is perfect for telling a story and connect deeper with the listener’s imagination.

Who did the artwork? Can you explain it?

A warm, fuzzy and vaporous core - surrounded with cool oceanic blue tints. All visuals by me.

What are your plans for the future (in terms of producing / gigs)?

For the album we’ve been working on doing a tour with both live & dj sets this year. Got some gigs lined up this year in Barcelona, Milan, Frankfurt, and Vienna. In the studio I would like to learn more game engine audio programming, improve on sound design and dive deeper to find that one glowing sound hidden in the dark.