Developing the audio-visual field, the role of education, and the importance of work space
The following analysis and personal observation has been written to clarify the importance of educational institutions, workspaces and facilities on developing the audio-visual field.
As many people adapt to a self-learn culture by on-line content, digital networking and new smart learning tools, I personally find working and learning in a physical space with human interaction an ever-important factor for today's learning landscape in the audio-visual field.


"The audio-visual field has grown to be an important integration of teaching and learning. Audio-visual productions and tools allow for research, development, innovative ideas and visions to be translated in a universal auditory and visual language. Teaching and learning methods are surely utilizing more audio-visual methods of effective understanding by using interactive and playful tools and designs. Granted that audio-visual material inspires, excites and manifests a durable and sustainable future.
The field changes rapidly because of the development and improvement of technology and ways of communication. Maintaining updated knowledge and credentials is essential to advance in the field and expand the use of audio-visual applications in society. Developing the audio-visual field requires to have fundamental know-how to apply the productions in commercial and social context, as well as to identify and act according to the importance of the social and cultural interests.

Environments shape a person. Being in a physical space that inspires and resonates with your goals can work wonders. A dynamic and significant environment helps to clarify visions and achieve the impossible. Universities, schools and media related institutions aim to deliver high-quality productions; it is vital that the output is not only artistically excellent but also substantial and applicable for the audio-visual field. To embody this actuality it is essential to consolidate the various professions of the audio-visual field, giving each it’s own branch while sharing the same goals of distribution, professionalization and growth. 


A vivid and innovative hub where education, technology, art, science and development operate and collaborate on an international level. Performing in professional and field related methods, where the importance of learning, process, curiosity and communication are the criterion. A harmonious blend of technical studios, creative facilities, and experts are the binding factor in realizing ideas. These factors need to meet the standard for the current and future media developments such as augmented & virtual reality, gaming, interactive art, multimedia and exploratory digital productions. In order to sustain the studios and facilities, it is important to occupy the right performers and technicians to conserve and improve the integral tools that expand the artistic and technical productions.

Educations’ role and the right workspace are of great significance for the application of technique to practice, high quality research and are crucial resources for the distribution of knowledge, expertise and making impact on the evolution and development of the global technical-artistic industry in the audio-visual field."

- S. van Dijk, October 2016